Breasts & Pink Stuff

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that will be diagnosed in over 200,000 women in the United States this year, according to and is expected to kill almost 40,000 American women in 2012.

My grandmother is living with breast cancer, and she asks me when the last time was that I “felt myself up”. Not one to mince words or waste time, grandma is on a personal mission to see the cure for breast cancer in her lifetime. I want to see that too.

When walking past a yard sale this last weekend, I came across a big white mug that has a pink ribbon on two sides. My grandma is always decked out in pink, and as such, it reminded me of her. I bought it and had some green tea in it this morning. When I washed it, I saw “Pink Stuff” written on the bottom of the cup.

What the hell!

Placing the phrase “Pink Stuff” on the bottom of a cup whose message it is to create awareness for the eradication of a deadly disease, that pisses me off. It’s not that it’s a personal issue for me (though it is) but it’s awful to link cancer to “stuff”. Stuff is what teenagers have on the floor of their rooms and things you have on shelves to pack into boxes when it’s time to move.

Breast cancer is a DISEASE, not marketing STUFF.

We see pink ribbons on yogurt lids, diaper bags, tampon boxes, cereal, on the backs of cars, on the jerseys of football players, and many more places. The ribbons are everywhere. It’s marketing for the company selling products and cancer awareness. Yes, there are donations from corporations, but 1-5% of a sale is not a whole lot to get excited about and does not support the cause as much as we would like. Other times, corporate donation has a cap, or is a preset sum, independent of how many items are sold. Yes, a small donation is better than none, but cancer is being used as a marketing tool. Is that sick, or what?