“Cute” Body Scans

Ellen Terrell, a female airline passenger at the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airport had THREE body scan photographs taken of her (one more than legally allowed). The agents in the back room said it was too “blurry”, and wanted another pass. One of the female TSA agents directing Ms. Terrell out front even went on to tell her that she has a “cute figure” and was asked if she plays tennis. The TSA Agents in another room viewing the image were men. At this point, Ms. Terrell obviously felt a bit violated (as if having your body exposed to strangers wasn’t violation enough).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with body scans, it takes a nude photo of the person, similar to an xray, but only passing through clothes to expose whatever is underneath. They don’t leave much to the imagination if you get my drift. Almost reminds me of a cheap pair of those “xray specs” that kids used to buy, except that these actually work.

Gender aside, TSA Agents are not who I think of when looking for someone to inspire neither confidence nor tact. As someone who travels somewhat often, I see more than my fair share of attractive young women selected as “random” targets for further inspection. I guess they are seen as more interesting or likely to pose a threat?

Understandably, Ms. Terrell was upset about the scans.

In response to her situation and that of many others, Senator Schumer from New York announced that he will introduce legislation which will require TSA to post passenger advocates at airport security.

So TSA is planning to have one of their own employees (possibly even Mr. Gropey, or Mr. Fondles-A-Lot) set aside to advocate for us when we feel violated? Shouldn’t the government be advocating for passengers instead of requiring more of TSA agents to “help”?

How about teaching TSA Agents not to scope out the prettiest woman – I’m sorry… the “cute” ones – to take multiple digital photos of – for later? The government and TSA are trying to fix bureaucratic rubbish with more of the same…and expect it to work?

Last I heard, unwanted fondling, touching, groping of genitalia (a.k.a SEXUAL ASSAULT) is illegal.

Is anyone else pissed off that women (and men) are being taken advantage of?

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