Equality = More Sex

Do you want to have sex more? If so, what would you have to do?

You might say hell yeah I want more sex! Then you create a to-do list: I need to go get lingerie (does anyone enjoy that torture?), lose weight (ugh, crunches suck!), get your hair done, a mani-pedi, a tan, pole dancing classes. A regular Barbie makeover. That’ll do it, right? Bliss, here I come!

Maybe so. Could there be another way?

Psychologists at Florida State University in Tallahassee have shown in their study about gender equality that people who live in countries that treat men and women as equals have more sex.

Stop the presses! I have to be treated equally in order to have more sex? Throw out thatĀ stair-masterĀ and give me some fair play (pun absolutely intended).

We need to give the folks that oppose an egalitarian system this information. The largely macho men who love to put women down but also love sex might want to change their minds about how they treat their special ladies. If they are lucky enough to have one! And yes, I realize that some women do not want to be treated with respect. That’s their choice.

The study covered 317,000 people in 37 countries and found that people were having sex with more partners, having more casual sex, and their society had a greater tolerance for sex in more egalitarian countries. Now that’s pretty cool!

Unfortunately this study was incomplete as they did not include statistics on same-gendered sex.

The psychologists found that when women have to use sex as a means of “sexual economics” that they have to be more protective of their virginity and hold out on this type of fun until marriage. Now, who does that really benefit?

EDIT: Thank you, Lunah for pointing out my mistake that it was not the University of Florida that the study was conducted at, but at Florida State University. It has been corrected in the article.

The link to the article is here.