Angry & Hairy

Some think that all feminists are bra-burning, non-shaving, masculine, angry people. Most are not.

You do not have to be a lesbian to be a feminist, either.

Your neighbor who enjoys gardening, hosts a book club and funds scholarships for underprivileged girls is a feminist. Your ex-boyfriend who set up chairs for the Vagina Monologues and didn’t not always let you win at one-on-one basketball because of your gender is a feminist.

If you are a female:

Were you told you were not able to do the same things as boys at school? Are your aspirations lower than those of your male friends? Do you receive as much respect as men at work?

There are many definitions of feminists, but the one I use is that women are equal to men, thereby deserving the same rights, freedoms, and options. It’s really simple.

Men are people. Women are people.

Respect each other.