Fishing, Sinks, & Sexism

Caution: Fuming Feminist Ahead


Let’s take this journey of how I told a chauvinist today¬†“screw you, sexist asshole”.

I live in a floating home. The bathroom sink was not draining water properly, so my property manager sent his repair men to fix it.

These two scruffy, dirty, sketchy-looking repair guys came to my house. He asked if my husband fishes from our front porch. I said no, my partner doesn’t (I made no mention of gender), but I do. He said, “well, you don’t catch anything though, right?” and smirked at his friend.

Because these guys hadn’t fixed my sink yet, I simply said “I see where you’re going with this, and it doesn’t have anything to do with my gender. Can you check out the sink, please?”

In the meantime, my brain almost exploded — FUCK YOU!

As a matter of fact I have a vagina and can catch fish, and if we were in an apocalypse, or in general, I’d want me on my fishing team. “I can out-fish you, chauvinist,” I thought.

They shuffled to the bathroom, and they unclogged the pipe.

Once they left, I went into the bathroom, and there were multiple piles of gross pipe goo all over the bathroom, including on my gorgeous wood countertop, on the floor, and in the shower. My bathroom has a door that faces where the guys had gotten to on the boardwalk.

I opened it and said, “hey, what’s with all the piles of stuff all over the bathroom?”

The asshole said “well, you clean it up, it’s your job,” gave me a look up and down, and shot me a sleazy looking grin.

So I said,¬†“screw you, sexist asshole!”

The property manager will get an email from me (devoid of the colorful language I shared with you, fair reader) about the disrespectful conduct towards myself and the house of the maintenance assholes I experienced.

I have a vagina and I’m not your fucking maid. Clean up after yourselves, assholes.

My dear readers, have any of you experienced something like this?


P.S. I found this hat, and I think it’s awesome. It says I”‘m a Girl I Fish & I’ll Outfish You Any Day”. I don’t agree with ‘girl’ but I like what they’re going for. I should make one that says “I won’t put up with sexist assholes”. Anyone else want one?