Hudak, Harvey: Rape OK

I am blindingly inflamed at Colorado Senators today, and you should be too. Here is what is going on:

On Monday in Colorado, Senator Evie Hudak told Amanda Collins that had Amanda had a license to carry her gun concealed, she would still have been a victim of rape. Amanda now lives as a rape survivor, and works through the mental anguish daily. As a tae-kwon-do student, she was unable to defend herself against her significantly larger attacker. Amanda knows how to shoot but does not have a permit to conceal. Hudak said if Amanda had a gun, the rapist would have taken hers, and scoffed at the idea of her being able to protect herself with a gun. However, he did not need to take a weapon from her, as he already had a gun. Is there something wrong with this picture, or is it just me?!?

To Senator Hudak:

#1. You are sexist. Would you have said this to a male student who was attacked? No way!

#2. Screw you, Senator Hudak. I know how to shoot a gun. I do not have a permit to carry, but now I want one because of your sexist bullshit. Like Amanda, I also know martial arts, and as a woman, it IS difficult to try to take down a man, especially if he has the element of surprise and a much larger stature. Not allowing the ability to use a weapon (potentially for the LIFE of an attacked woman, but you obviously don’t care about that) will be a death sentence for some victims. How can you look at yourself in the mirror?

#3. Hudak, especially as a woman, why don’t you want to see others of your gender empowered? What the fuck is wrong with you?

#4. Don’t punish the victim, and minimize a terrifying, life-altering encounter from a young woman sitting in front of you who was extremely brave to publicly share her story! Who are you to stop a survivor who is trying to empower herself and others? Where is “the government of the people, by the people, for the people”? You’re protecting rapists, how is that ok?

At the same hearing, Senator Ted Harvey implied that women are loose cannons in the classroom and would shoot someone in an intense debate if they were able to carry. Are you fucking kidding me? Shall we lock ourselves in the kitchen, be chained to the stove, and relinquish all control to you, who as a man, can think more clearly than women (and not kill a classmate in a debate)? Certainly all women are hysterical.


Harvey says it may make students uncomfortable to know their classmate may be carrying. I would be happy to be in a classroom with anyone like Amanda, especially with a gun. What makes me uncomfortable is Harvey’s ignorance and lack of concern for A RAPE SURVIVOR. He can sleep at night by helping rapists. What great representation.

How about this absurd notion, Senators – TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE! Let women carry, and not just rape whistles but a GUN they can use to defend themselves!

Stop sending the message to women that rape is acceptable but carrying a gun to defend ourselves is not.


Evie Hudak

Evie Hudak

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