Responsibly Childfree

Let’s say you’re single, you wanted to have kids, but you get busy with the rest of life, and suddenly you’re 40 years old without a child. Where did the last four decades go? Apparently you weren’t procreating.

You could drop everything and try to use your remaining eggs, dosing yourself with estrogen and hurrying to get pregnant. Or you could decide it just shouldn’t happen and focus on other things in life that make you happy. As a single woman, the choice to go to the sperm bank if you’re single is entirely yours.

But what if you’re a man? You can’t have a baby in your nonexistent uterus. Unless you have a friend that is willing to carry a baby, or you’re up for paying for a surrogate, you’re sort of stuck.

If you’re older, you probably won’t have as much energy for a child. All the late night diaper changes, endless play dates, and general running around after kids is tiring. If you are Andrew Street of New Zealand, you’re in your forties and have decided the time has passed, and children aren’t in your cards. We should support his decision not to have kids and not make him feel badly. A link to Andrew’s article is here.

Before you judge a man in his forties for not having any kids, remember, there are reasons other than sterility or hating kids for not having had any. Maybe the time has passed. And let’s not be sexist here – the situation is sad for women and men in that position. Let’s give those guys a chance to be accepted without instantly judging, ok society?



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