Sexist Onesies

The sexist babies strike again! Wait, no, it’s their parents. And Gymboree.

From my fellow feminist Lauren, I found the below photograph. The shirts say “smart like dad” and “pretty like mommy”. Why is it that we need to have intelligence if we are masculine and attractiveness if we are feminine? Are men going to grow up to be big, smart, strong protectors while women remain in a largely (stupid) infantile state and must be cooed upon for cuteness? How disappointing!

Why must boys be smart and girls be pretty? What about the stupid, pretty boys, and smart, ugly girls?

It makes me sick! By the way, if you can hear all that shouting, it’s me yelling “oh hell no” all over.

P.S. I looked at Gymboree’s website just before posting this, and the onesies have been removed. Victory!