Super Sexy Heroes

I am not a comic book reader, but when I saw this article about female heroes and their attire, I couldn’t just let it fly by (with or without a cape).

What the hell kind of shit is it that female superheroes are supposed to fight crime, bad guys, and anything else that comes their way in a thong and stripper boots? Are you kidding me? Before today, I did not know who Red Sonja was, nor what she wears (a chain mail thong and leather accessories) while going about her generally badass day.

Then there is Star Sapphire, who is one of Green Lantern’s adversaries. Nearly only her nipples are covered, her skin-tight bright pink boots cover most of her muscular legs, and her va-jay-jay has the smallest of coverings. Why even bother having skimpy outfits? Just have these superheroes run around naked, body parts flapping in the wind. Is that what comic book readers want?

Those of you who do not know Witchblade, her armor  (that is also largely nonexistent) doubles as her weapon. Careful not to bend over too far, Witchblade, your ta-tas might fall out of your armor. Ugh!

For those of us who know what bras are for, the most amazing part of Wonder Woman is how she can keep her sizable girls lifted without the assistance of underwire.

In the meantime, you can see all *gasp!* of Batman’s mouth, and part of his cheeks. Scandal!  What are we to think of him now?

Female heroes are obviously not real people but what are adolescents supposed to think when they see women exposed in that way?