That’s Not My Salad

Yesterday I went to dinner with a really good male friend of mine. He is a vegetarian, and I am an omnivore. I am vegetarian about 85% of the time, but sometimes yours truly needs a bit of non-tofu.

We went to a restaurant neither of us has been to before. Having heard great things about it, I was excited!

Our server took our order and left. I got the lamb schwarma and he got a Meditteranean salad without chicken.

After a few minutes, a different person brings us our food, and gives me the salad. I didn’t say anything, and just switched food with my friend. It was happy with my schwarma!

The second person came back, and asked me “what’s wrong with your salad? You aren’t eating it.”

I smiled, and said, “no, that’s actually my friend’s food. I got the lamb.”

Dumbfounded, he said, “that can’t be.”

When I asked why, he said “only women eat the salads. They need to be careful what they eat. Men eat meat and women eat salad.”

My friend and I glanced at each other. My friend knew what was coming.

I smiled and said, “well this person (pointing at myself) eats meat, so if that makes me a man and my friend a woman, so be it. I am allowed to eat a meal that is more than 300 calories. That’s not my salad.”

Then he began backing away from our table and semi-apologized. I don’t think he knew he had unintentionally picked a fight with a feminist. When my inner bitch comes out, I can’t blame anyone for fleeing.

I am a female and (on most days) don’t think I am fat. If I want to eat a salad, that is what I will do. I will not starve myself to be a size 2 to conform to someone else’s standards of how I should look. Just because I am a female doesn’t mean I am on a diet and depriving myself of foods I love. Just because my friend is a male does not mean he has to eat meat!