The CDC is Sexist

Dear CDC,

My friends at USA Today told me your study finds binge drinking is linked to impregnation of women. The CDC article (on your CDC site) said binge drinking “increases the chances of breast cancer, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy, and many other health problems”. The bolded text is my flair, not yours. Cancer and heart disease is directly related to drinking, I support the notion that we don’t want to unnecessarily have major health issues. Cheers! Or, well, I guess not.

I do have a vagina, so I better not drink too much, as there is a chance my coconut rum and cranberry may knock me up.

CDC Director Thomas Frieden said we should support decreasing the amount women drink, but made no mention of reducing men’s consumption of alcohol. Look at any college campus (or nearly anywhere, for that matter) men are binge drinking – if not more than their female counterparts. Shouldn’t we want our young men not to have cancer and heart disease, as well? Where are their community initiatives and calls to action? Save the livers of all genders!

So I have the five “w questions” for you, CDC:

What the fuck?!?

When was the last time a drink inseminated a woman?

Why is there not a corresponding article about how binge drinking affects men?

Who really thinks a beverage gave a woman an increased risk of getting a STD?

Where do you get off thinking the public will mindlessly believe this sexist shit?

Call it what it is – a drinking woman may have sex with a drinking man, and if she gets and STD or gets pregnant, it is her fault and of no consequence to the man. Rape and sexual assault from a person cause pregnancy and STDs, not an alcoholic beverage. Poor judgement not to use protection causes diseases and babies.

I want to believe in the good you stand for, CDC, I really do, but I am really disappointed, no, pissed at you. Shame on you and your sexist standpoint.



Note: Alcohol in the above photo may contain pregnancy and/or STD’s. Or it might just be a drink. Careful, ladies!


USA Today’s article

The CDC’s article

Image’s rights: Bacardi