Transgender Hate

As someone who has friends from all walks of life, including transgender, and believes in equality for everyone, not just for the accepted “norm”, it sickens me to hear anyone put them into a less-than-human position.

In a recent Christiannewswire article, hate drips from the words like the humidity of a Maryland summer.

Ruth Jacobs thinks that transgender people are subhumans, and is on her high and mighty Christian horse, stating “gender identity laws dismiss women’s realistic concerns and enforce acceptance of a mental illness over reality.”

Transgender people do not have a mental illness. They aren’t freaks or weird or evil, or whatever kind of hateful shit you want to throw at people that are merely trying to live their lives as they see fit. The hate Ruth is spewing is an illness, and is spreading via the internet.

I’m not having any of it.

In the example of Thomas Lee Benson, he did molest girls when he was younger, and I see why one would have difficulty accepting that particular person into a locker room. I get it. I don’t want pedophiles in my changing room either. But newsflash, hateful people – most transgender people (like most of America) ARE NOT pedophiles. So stop treating them like less than they are. Didn’t Jesus tell his followers to love one another? Where’s the “Christian” love in all this hatred?

Baltimore City Council Member Tom Quirk is attacked by Ruth as well for trying to end discrimination in his city. He thinks everyone should be treated equally. Adults and children are picketing outside his office, because they think gay, lesbian, and transgender people do not count as human beings.

I almost feel sorry for these hateful people, because at the end of the day, they have to cart their anger with them everywhere they go. Unfortunately, they are passing hate along to their children. It disgusts me.

Is anyone else sick of the inequality and hate?

EDIT: Thanks to user “J” for pointing out the error in labeling transgender as “transgendered” (see below in comments for explanation). It has been corrected. Also thanks for catching my mistake on gender versus sexuality. One of my good trans friends lectured me ad nauseam on the difference previously. I apologize if it caused any¬†offense.